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Hi I’m Dr Ryan Francis, DDS with Grove Health Dental

Today, I have a question for you. Who likes going to the Dentist?

…Probably the only person raising their hand is the one who has never had a cavity before. (which isn’t many).

I would venture to guess most others don’t enjoy going to the Dentist.

It ranges from:
1.      Prefer to do something else
2.      Un easy about it
3.      Dislikes it
4.      Really dislikes it
5.      Hates it

So, if you’re one the people who do not enjoy going to the Dentist why not do something that is going to make it more relaxing?

We have some great alternatives to help make your experience better. We offer these through Sedation Dentistry. The first one is nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”.

I strongly feel it is underutilized and it is very simple to use. We use what is called a “nasal hood” or simply a “nose piece” which allows you to breathe in the nitrous oxide which really calms you down and gives you a nice relaxed feeling.

The next step up is using the nitrous oxide gas as well as a sedation pill, which this combination is a great alternative to the heavier sedation options, you simply take 1 pill and we use the gas. This is a great option for someone is doing a deeper cleaning or something a little bit more than a routine cleaning but one that is not a real long procedure. People really seem to enjoy this option.

The next step up is called “Oral Conscious Sedation” which is a combination of anywhere from 1 to 3 different types of pills in conjunction with the nitrous oxide gas.

Since everyone is different we use a method called “titrate” which allows use to observe and evaluate how you respond to the medications to make it as minimal as possible while also having the most effective treatment.

There are several great things about oral sedation, not only to mention how incredibly safe it is (we use this high tech device by Welch Allyn to continually monitor our patients vitals in real time which we have chosen to utilize as an added measure of safety).

 Sedation is a great service for anyone who has anywhere from a mild to severe fear, anyone who has a long or multiple purpose appointment (we can get what would take up to5 or 6 visits done with 1 visit during one sitting).  

“I have been utilizing sedation for 12 years in my practice and it’s probably one of the greatest things I started doing!” The most rewarding part is being able to get that very fearful/anxious patients work all done with them hardly remembering it while making it pain free.

So there are a few options for sedation. I hope this has been educational and will open your mind up to potentially utilizing one of these sedation methods.

Here at Grove Health Dental we provide all of them. So please feel free to call us to learn more or to schedule your visit with Dr. Ryan Francis, DDS.

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Dr. Ryan Francis, DDS - Maple Grove Dentist