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How To Prevent Cavities.. Hint (It's Easier Than You Think)

Today we are talking about cavities and how we can minimize your chances of getting cavities.

Things to Keep In Mind

1. Xylitol - This is an artificial sugar that is found in a lot of chewing gums such as dentine, trident, orbitz and spry.

Whats so special about Xylitol?

It actually helps to fight off bad bacteria that can cause cavities. It works really well, they actually call it an 'anti-cavity" gum. So make sure to look into products that contain Xylitol.

2. The Air Floss - This is a new little device to help minimize your chances of cavities, it is made by Phillips who also makes Sonicare. This "little gadget" allows you to put your mouthwash right into the opening of this device and directly shoot a little jet between each one of your teeth. This works really well to fight off in between the teeth cavities which a lot of us tend to get.

3. See Me For A Check Up - I think most of us know this but the best way to make sure you do not have cavities is to come see me for a checkup. Since cavities rarely hurt, pain is not a good indicator of whether you do or do not have a cavity, unless it has gotten to the point where more work needs to be done such as a root canal. 

I hope those little "tid bits" helped you know a little bit more about how to minimize your chances of getting cavities. 

If you're suffering from what you think may be a cavity, please call our office to schedule an appointment. Our number is 763.416.0011