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Dental Implants - Maple Grove Dentist

Hi, this is Dr. Ryan Francis, DDS from Grove Health Dental.

Today, We’re going to talk about dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants

Dental implants are basically a way to replace a missing tooth, teeth, or all of your teeth, for that matter. It is typically an outpatient surgery that can take a few months to complete (mostly due to lengthy recovery time), but it’s all worth it!

Typical Discomforts

During a dental implant surgery, you would undergo one or several stages during which you could experience some discomforts that are typical in any kind of dental surgery. This could include skin and gum bruising, pain around the implant area, swelling of your face and gums, and even some minor bleeding.

Carmen’s Experience

If you have been considering getting a dental implant but feel some hesitation, you should consider one of our patient’s experiences.

Just like many of you, Carmen has been hesitant in getting a dental implant. She has never had any surgery before, so her anxiety was completely understandable.

A few weeks ago, I have performed dental surgery on her and placed an implant on her lower right missing tooth. I asked her back to our dental clinic to see how she’s doing.

Unsurprisingly, Carmen was very nervous at first, but the process went very smooth for her.

In her case, the gums were a little bit sore for one or two days. She controlled the discomfort by taking Ibuprofen and it’s “back to normal”. Soreness after the surgery is normal, and it happens for about a couple of days. We want to wait for about three months before we can place a tooth on that dental implant.

In the Youtube video, you can see a shot of the actual dental implant with the healing cap on top. The X-ray snapshot shows what Carmen’s dental implant looks like after the placement. We’ll let the implant site heal for about three months, and then I’ll put a crown on the implant and Carmen will have a brand new tooth!

Happy to Hear Your Questions

If you have any questions about dental implants, feel free to call us or drop by our clinic. I’d be happy to talk about dental implants the next time you come in!

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